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Facial Cupping

Cupping is the therapy what adsorbs cup-shape containers to skin.The capillaries are constricted by suction temporarily and blood flow will be promoted in vasodilation when cups are removed.

Unlike the body, facial cupping does not leave any marks on the skin with the method of sliding the cup over the skin. It is a facial treatment with no downtime that can be expected to have various effects such as skin rejuvenation. This is a menu that you definitely want to add to your skin management habits!

facial cupping


Cupping is only therapy to stimulate inside of body to outside from surface of skin.La Belle Image offer DRY CUPPING only.
Promotion Blood circulation and detox
The suction draws blood to the top of the skin. The amount and speed of blood flow also increases. Improves muscle stiffness and edema caused by stagnation of blood and lymph flow.

Promote blood circulation image

Enhances the natural glow of your skin
By improving blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients are smoothly delivered to the skin, and your skin regains its original health.
Increased skin transparency
The detox effect drains old blood (blood stasis) from your face and reduces dullness.
Promotion of collagen production
The elasticity of the skin decreases with age. Facial cupping stimulates the production of collagen, giving it a youthful and smooth texture.
Easier to deliver beauty ingredients deeper
Facial cupping relaxes the skin and muscles, making it easier for beauty ingredients to penetrate.
Refresh around the eyes
By promoting blood and lymph flow, dark circles under the eyes caused by swelling around the eyes and poor circulation are relieved.


Face ¥7,000(about 50 minutes)

✽Time inclu. fill in a record and counseling.
English speaking staff available.
Reservation is Required
✽The products used are selected with an emphasis on safety, but even those that can be used by most people without problems may cause contact dermatitis and allergies. Even if you are not allergic, you may feel irritation depending on your physical condition at that time. If you are worried, please contact in advance so that you can take a patch test (put it on your skin and watch it for 48 hours) at least 3 days before the reservation date.
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Fill in a record
Please fill in a record for comprehend daily physical condition.
Consult avout your requests.I will explane about facial cupping therapy and thats reactions.You can ask me any things what you want to know about cupping.
Wipe off makeup and dirt on your face with a special liquid.
Removes fine dirt
Ultrasonic facial scriber effectively removes dead skin cells, makeup stains, sebum clogging, and other stains that cannot be removed by daily cleansing.
facial scriber
Facial cupping therapy
After applying the hyaluronic acid solution to your face, slide the cup over your skin.
Collagen pack
After wiping the face once, put a collagen mask on it and let the active ingredient penetrate.
collagen mask

Physical condition required

Sorry,you can not take cupping therapy if you have following.
✽Acute diseases (diseases need to have surgery)
✽Abnormality with heart,blood vessels and diseases like valvular desease.
✽Strong anemia
✽Extremely weak
✽Infectious diseases