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IPL Carbon Peel

Rejuvenation by removing dirt from pores and dull skin

IPL light reacts with carbon cream applied to the entire face to remove excess keratin and dead skin cells from open pores. The heat energy stimulates the skin and stimulates collagen production, which is expected to improve the appearance of open pores. This skin care treatment makes the entire face appear brighter.
Compared to E-light, carbon peeling has more pore-fighting properties.

carbon peeling

Mechanism of skin tone enhancement

Dead skin cells, oil, and impurities that cause dullness are adsorbed by the charcoal in the carbon cream.

nano carbon gel

The carbon cream used in this salon is a naro-sized gel type. Its fine particles penetrate deeper into the skin layer and firmly adsorb dirt in pores and dead skin cells. The light can easily reach even the smallest details. By removing the carbon cream with light, the cause of dullness is removed and the skin tone and texture are smoothed and improved.


✽Alleviation of pore dirt
✽Tightening of pores
✽Improvement of dull skin
✽Regulate turnover cycle
✽Skin whitening and pigmentation fading
✽Improvement of skin elasticity and wrinkles


Nose pore tightening
Dullness reduction

Soothing and moisturizing with Hydro Jelly Mask

After carbon peels, your skin is more prone to dryness. At La Belle Image Salon, finish with a moisturizing peel-off type Hydro Jelly Mask, which is expected to have a natural cooling, soothing and moisturizing effect.A hydro jelly mask that can be used evenly on the eyelids and lips, delivering plenty of nutrients to areas where the skin is thin and dry.
At our salon, you can choose your favorite from 6 different flavors.
Hydor Jelly Mask rose


Please fill out a record to understand your physical constitution and condition. Please ask anything you are unsure about or have any concerns about.(Those who have undergone exfoliation such as peeling within a month or those who routinely use retinol or other peeling products are not eligible for the E-light facial).
Remove makeup and dirt from your face. (This step is not necessary for those who come without makeup)
Apply carbon cream
Apply carbon evenly with a disposable spatula (except around the eyes, eyebrows, nostrils, and lips). Wait for about 10 minutes until the carbon dries and is firmly adsorbed on the skin.
Apply E-light
Put on eye guard and start light irradiation. I will adjust the power according to how you feel.The intensity is not proportional to the effect. For your safety, please do not tolerate discomfort.
Moisturizing with Hydro Jelly Pack
The client can choose from 6 different types of Hydro Gel Packs to soothe and moisturize at the same time.



If you come to the salon without makeup ¥1,000 OFF

Time:Approximately 60min.

Time includes filling out records and removing makeup.
Reservation is Required
✽This is a system where you pay for one treatment at the time you receive it. There are no contractual restrictions such as courses.
✽Not accept it if you have allergies or skin problems.
You will feel a crackling pain like that of a rubber band being popped.
Liver spots cannot be irradiated.It could get worse.
✽Although the materials I use are selected with an emphasis on safety, some people may develop contact dermatitis or allergies to materials that most people can use without problems. Even if you are not allergic, you may feel irritation depending on your physical condition at the time. If you are concerned about this, please contact me in advance for a consultation.
✽The treatment time varies from salon to salon. Please check the required time even if you have received the treatment at other salons.
If you are preparing for an important occasion such as a wedding, please have the treatment at least once a month before to make sure that there will be no skin problems and how long it takes for the redness to subside.

After Care

There may be some redness and a slight burning sensation after the treatment.Cool with refrigerant.
✽Do not take a bath on the same day.
✽Sun protection is required.
✽Moisturize the skin after light treatment as it tends to dry out easily.
✽If you experience any skin problems, please contact salon immediately. Also, please seek medical attention.

Physical condition check list

NOT to be accepted if you have following condition.
✽Minor,on and before and just after period
✽In pregnancy and lactation
Tanning or planning to tan
Dark skin type with high melanin content
✽Those who have undergone exfoliation such as peeling within one month (including those who use peeling agents such as retinol on a daily basis).
Light Allergy
✽Metal Allergy
✽Pacemaker users
✽Keloid constitution
✽Skin inflammation or allergy
✽Skin cancer
✽Allergy-prone or allergic constitution
✽People who have allergic reactions to hair colorants (because they can also have allergic reactions to products that are completely different from hair color)
✽Extreme worrier,nervousness and perfectionist, easily anxious
✽Mental disorder including depression and insomnia
✽Excessive expectations of treatment
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