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    The Permanent Makeup operations bring pigments into Epidermis so it is hardly fade with water and sweat. Good for minimize the gap of bare face and makeup face,the time for dairy makeup and break of makeup by sweat and sebum specially at summer.You will be free from worry about makeup at swimming pool and beach and traveling.

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    La Belle Image offer you rich in variety of courses available like 1 time and complete courses of eyebrows,eyeliners and lips, browtail only and trial.
    Permanent Makeup lasts for a few years unlike the ordinary makeup, so process that determines the shape and color is very important. Specially for first timer,even if you have interest in Permanent Makeup ,this is difficult to try it because of so many worry.An artist who had completed the makeup school is take care you from the draft of a design to actual application.

    » Introducing artist

    For Customer's Satisfaction

    Importance of Counseling
    The key of beautiful result is artist and you share your favorite image.Take enough time for counseling and drafting.Please be particular about the small details.
    Unequivocal Pricing
    There is no additional charge by design.
    Choice of course
    With 1 Time course,you can take each application by own pace and The Complete course is good for high degree of perfection.
    After-Sales Service
    Aftercare cream and aftercare instructions note are available.Please contact me anytime,when you have any question during the recovery period.
    Hygiene Management
    Use disposable tools for individual customer.The pigments to be used has been certified in the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) . There is no problem even for MRI.

    » Quality of tools and Hygiene Management

    » About MRI

  • Eyebrows

    Eyebrows make an impression of face.

    Represents the image a variety of shapes, colors and shades, it make you look the rich expression.Permanent Makeup eyebrows settled your face beautiful 24 hours a day.Ordinary shading (3D Eyebrows) and Microblading available.

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  • Eyeliners

    Eyeliners to enhance the lashes.

    And it support your eyes look bigger and shining.But ordinary makeup can't last longer. Permanent Makeup eyeliner is the perfect solution.

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  • Lips

    Up the corner of mouth and keep smiling-lips.

    Thin,no outline and saggy cornered lips adding you more ages.Facial impression will improve how to draw lips.

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  • Beauty Spot

    Emphasize your charm

    Your facial impression can be change dramatically with just one beauty spot.You look sexer with cheek spot and spot near lips.Spot near eye helps it shine more and your look will be more impressive.

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