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Keratin Lash Lift

New York Style Lush Lift
Long lasting and gentl for lash

Brow Lamination

Great microblading alternative!

Cupping Therapy

Promote blood flow, anti-aging and detox

Lip Coloring

New type of lip coloring from Paris.
It's not PMU even Tinting

Permanent Make Up Removal

No laser,No Peeling
Pull out pigment with magnetic force


Cupping Therapy

First time? No problem.

Promote blood flow and rate of metabolism using cup-shape containers and suction pump.It's not only the health aspects as Promote function of organs,the effects for anti-aging,reduction and prevention of cellulite and detox gain attention.

Lip Coloring


Not tinting,not Permanent Makeup.New technique of lip coloring from Paris.Tools are NON-INVASIVE unlike needles. Reinforced natural lip color.It will fade over time.This products are patent pending as beauty equipments all over the world.

Permanent Make Up Removal

Magnetic attraction pull out pigments.

NO LASER,NO CHEMICALS and NO BLEACHING.New concept of Permanent Make Up Removal developed by French dermatologist.This products are patent pending as beauty equipments all over the world.No need to shave,NO HAIR LOSS and can be used for ANY COLOR.

Keratin Lash Lift

New York Style Lush Lift

Lift the lashes using Keratin Solution, which is the main ingredient of the lashes.Unlike normal eyelash curls, Keratin is absorbed by the eyelashes and has a treatment effect that gives it bounce,resilience and shiny.

Brow Lamination

Microblading Alternative

Brow lamination is the latest brow treatment to blow up.The treatment reworks your natural brow hairs to create a fuller,thicker uniformed shape.With eyebrow wax and treatment to achive maximam result.

Eyebrows & Eyelash Tint

Polished & put-together look!

Tint light eyebrows and eyelashes, your facial impression is definited and look younger. It covers the gray hairs too.You will be free from your eyebrow makeup and mascara are running.

Henna Eyebrows &Treatment

Natural ingredients for tinting

Define eyebrows help you look fuller, more expressive and youthful. Henna Spa is exclusive formula with natural ingredients that gentry stain your eyebrow hair and give tattoo effect at same time.

Lip Whitening

Lightening Lip treatment for Dark Lips

"Snow Lips" is a new concept lip lightening. The lead and other metals accumulated through the use of cosmetics are pulled out of the skin with a magnetic cartridge. Removing the metals will return your lips to their natural colors.

No Needle Mesotherapy

Deliver beauty ingredients to dermis

Also called electroporation, uses a special electric pulse to temporarily open a minute gap between cells and allow cosmetic ingredients to penetrate into the dermis.NO needles, NO pain, NO downtime.

Facial Cupping

Reduced edema and helps skin Rejuvenation

Promotes blood circulation and drains lymph to shape the contour of your face. By detoxifying, oxygen and nutrition are delivered, collagen production is promoted, and helps bring a young glow to the skin.

Reducing Spots

Especially effective for dark spots and moles

From Austria,reduce spots method almost no pain.It is NOT laser NOT peeling of skin.Depending on the constitution, you can feel that spots has become brighter after two to four weeks of turnover.

Ingrown Tow Nail Care

Feel result immediately after applied

Use special clip for ingrown Nail Care designed by doctor lift both corners of the nail. It take about 10 minutes for each nail and no pain.While wearing the wire clip, you can enjoy nail polish and gel nail.

Face and body wax

Smoothen and soften your skin

Protecting your skin with organic wax on your face and body while hair remove.Since wax removed the dead skin cells with unwanted hairs,your skin softer and brighter as anti-aging effect.


Support your health and beauty

Stimulate surface of ears by titanium seed sticker with Swarovski.It well known as easy support for health and beauty.Mix therapy of French Dr.Nogier's and Chinese style.