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  • Evolved Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

    Microblading is latest hand method-permanent make up that draws hair one by one on your eyebrows using fine needles.It look more natural than common permanent make up eyebrows.Enhance your natural beauty!

    » What's Permanent Makeup?

    Consult with makeup artist about your favorit shape.An artist check your eyebrow hairs and drow the shape.You can ask to change design until you can find best shape.

    » I am worry it will be fail.

    » Can I choose design,color and shape by my self?

    » Can you make my eyebrows symmetric?

    » Is color change to odd later on?

    Six different brown colors are available.

    ✽Promo! Until June.30,2018,you will be able to take microblading ¥28,000 with 1 time of correction within one month after first time.It is 50% off!!Do not miss it.
    ✽Before&After Photo✽
    Microblading Before Microblading After
    ✽Just After✽
    Microblading just after 1 Microblading just after 2
    Microblading just after 3 Microblading just after4
    (Purple color on first photo is marker pen to keep shape that customer choose on drafting.It disappears soon.)

    ✽Just After of Combination of 3D Gradation and Microblading✽
    Combination of 3D Gradation and Microblading Just After 1 Combination of 3D Gradation and Microblading Just After2

    » General FAQ about Permanent Makeup

    » FAQ About Eyebrows

    » About MRI

    » Is color change to odd later on?

    » Quality of tools and Hygiene Management

    » 3D Gradation Eyebrows,Eyeliners,Lips and Beauty Spot

  • Price

    ✽Promo! Until June 30,2018,you will be able to take microblading ¥28,000 with 1 time of correction within one month after first time.It is 50% off!!Do not miss it.

    ✽The Complete Course
    Microblading is very fine hair strokes.Some time once is not enogth to keep all strokes were drew on first time.This is 2 times applications set course for beautiful finish.
    Combination of 3D Gradation and Microblading available.Please inquire it.
    PartPrice (incld.Tax)Times
    Eyebrows¥55,0002 Times ( One month between 1st time and 2nd time.! free correction within 2 month after 2nd application.)
    ✽Please confirm below✽
    ✽Minimum interval of each application is two weeks,but you will be able to see better result if you schedule it around a month later.

    » Why it is better to wait a month?

    ✽Please mind of your expiration date of the free adjustment.
    ✽Please mind of your date of last application.It's affect to the price of retouch.

    After your finished the complete course at this salon,when you wish to refresh,add color and change image or color,it is offered with reasonable price.

    Period of Time from very last applicationPrice (incld.Tax)Time
    Within six monthEyebrows ¥6,0001 time (No free adjustment)
    More than six month (for even years how many)Eyebrows ¥12,0001 time (No free adjustment)

    ✽Please confirm below✽
    ✽If you come for retouch when color is so faded,incase you need to take few retouch.Ex:Aroud one year later from last application,you took retouch onece (¥12,000.)And if you will take a retouch again for darker (or any reason) one month later,payment will be occur again (¥6,000 because it's less than six month from last one).
    After microblading,if you like to change to 3D Gradation Eyebrowsplease inquire.

    ✽Patch test
    Allergic diathesis and atopic dermatitis? It is recommend a patch test that can check allergic reaction by actual pigments.If no reaction you could see and undergo actual application,test's charges are deducted from your total application price.(Except Promo,Trial and Beauty spot.)

    Pigment for microblading contain Hamamalis virginia. If you have an allergy with this plant,you are not allow to take this pigmentation at this salon.

    ContentsPrice(tax included)Number of Times Included
    Patch Test¥3,2401 Time
    ✽Please confirm below✽
    » Precautions of eyebrows

    » Physical condition required

    » Users policy
  • Refresh eyebrows done by other salons and abroad

    Please inquire.

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