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    French neurologist Paul Nogier had resarched and developed a zone on the ear corresponds to an organ or a system.Treatment which use points on the ear to heal the body is called auriculotherapy.

    Stimulate the corresponds point on the surface of ears (there are more than 100 points) exclusively by titanium seed sticker with Swarovski to support your beauty and health.It's looks fashionable just like earrings.

    auriculotherapy with jewelryjewelry sheets

    ✽Titanium seed sticker without Swarovski is available.

    »Peculiarity of Auriculotherapy at La Belle Image


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    »Precautins of Auriculotherapy with Jewelry

  • Peculiarity of Auriculotherapy at La Belle Image

    Use special probe to find ear points
    Everyone has diffrent appearance of ears and has diffrent responce points.So use special probe that design for auriculotherapy inspect actual points by electrical resistance.There is no pain at all.You can easily feel that probe find coresspond point since that make diffrent noise.

    auriculotherapy machine

    Use ear map of Dr.Nogier style and Chinese acupuncturestyle
    There is some diffrences on ear map of them.So select the points that can be expect better result for your condition.
    Official products of Swarovski
    Swarovski on titanium seed sticker is official products.Enjoy brightness of genuine.11 colors available.
    The seed stimulate a point is titanium
    Titanium seed has less risk of skin irritation.Enjoy like jewel without metal allergy.
    Transparent sheet
    Sticker is transparent and unnoticed.Without swarovski is invisible.

    ✽ No acceptaion of person who has a heart pacemaker and any inflammation of ear,the pregnant or lactating and small children.

  • Benefits expected with auriculotherapy

    Weight loss
    Beautiful skin,lift up face,face smaller
    Improve circulation
    Betterment of swelling,constipation
    Reduce stress,irritation and sleeplessness
    Ease eye strain,headache and lumbago
    Relief menstrual pain.Reduce gynaecological symptoms as menstrual irregularity and menopause.
    Stop smorking

    ✽If your symptoms or condition made by the side effects of the medicine,auriculotherapy is ineffective.

    ✽There are individual differences of effectiveness.Some feel better instant and others realize gradually with continueing.Effect is mild that you will be able to feel it as little diffrence in daily life.

    ✽ There is a lot of reason and corresponce points for each symptoms.Change the combination of points will help to realize results sometime.

  • Price & Time

    Time:Approx.40 mins.(includ.counseling and fill in a record.Acctual Operative Time:about 10min.)

    » Precautions of Auriculotherapy

    » Notes of the Terms and Conditions of Use This Salon

    ContentPrice(tax included)Period of use
    6 sheets (All with Swarovski)¥3,250 / 3 sheets each ear7 to 10days
    Additional sheet with Swarovski ¥350 / 2 sheets
    1 for each ear
    7 to 10days
    Additional sheet without Swarovski ¥200 / 2 sheets
    1 for each ear
    7 to 10days

    ✽There is no product like dietary supplement for sale.

    ✽For inside of the ears is recomened to use sheets without Swarovski to avoid jewely will fall in the cavity of the ear.

  • Procedure

    Full in record and discuss about truble and wish of health and beauty aspects.Introduce the responce points fit to purpose and precautions.
    1.Lie on the bed.Antisepticisesurface of ear for cleanness and help stickness of sheets.
    2.Test operation of probe and confirm reaction sound.
    3.Slide the tip of prove around coressponded point and mark it that has strong responce.
    4.Paste the sheet to seed on mark with tweezes.(Mark behind the sheet and invisble)
  • Precautions of Auriculotherapy with Jewelry

    ✽Auriculotherapy with Jewelry is NOT medical practice.
    ✽No acceptaion of person who has a heart pacemaker,the pregnant or lactating and small children.
    When you have wound,rash,rough skin,any inflammation of ear,please wait until its heal completely.
    Do NOT use them longer than 10 days or reuse.
    During use,if you feel pain,wrongness,uncomfortable and lassitude,remove them.Consult to doctor if previous symptoms made by sheets.
    Please note that there is possibility that titanium seed and Swarovski fall in the cavity of the ear.If it happen,consult to doctor.


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