Private Beauty Salon La Belle Image ,Tokyo Ginza &Kawaguchi

Terms of Service

For pleasant and confortable to use La Belle Image,please confirm following befor your reservation.

About Salon

English speaking staff available.
Reservation is required.
✽For your privacy and relaxing,private session with one bed.If you wish to come with companions,all treatments will done one by one.
✽At the time of reservation, incase I will ask your physical condition and confirm your are not minor.
Minor (younger than 20 years old) ,pregnancy and lactating are not acceptable.
✽I consider the safety of materials that use for your skin but there is a possibility of allergenic reaction/contact dermatitis.If you are allergic or have any experiences of allergy with makeup kids/skin care products,please contact me at least tree days before your booked day for patch-test.In case of redness, if you feel swelling, itching and irritant, please consult your doctor.
If you are allergic with hair dye,I can offer you Cupping only.(Cross-reactivity will occur in a moderate number of patients who have become sensitised to other products and ingredients)
✽Person who is under medical treatment for serious illness,infections disease,had surgical operation within 6 month and decreased strength not allowed to take any treatment.
✽In case, need to consult a physician and ask for certificate and must be submitted.
If you will come with companion,please let me know in advance.Incase I can not acept that due to safe and hygiene issue.Physical condition required for each menu are follow.

» Cupping Therapy

» Lip Color

» Permanent Make Up Removal

» Lip Whitening

» Reducing Spots

» Auriculotherapy

» Face & Body Wax

» Henna Eyebrows & Treatment

✽Provied prices are fair enough.There is no room for any further discount.
Please use coin parking if you use your car.Do not use personal or other shop's parking lot.
» Coin parking near Ginza salon
» Coin parking near Kawaguchi salon

Payment method

Sorry,Cash only

Cancellation / change reservation

Please contact salon 2 to 3 days before if you will cancell or change your reservation.
✽Your schedule will be cancell if you late 30min.or more without prior notice.
✽Please understand that "repeated late arrival without inform in advance","repeated cancel on the day and last minute cancellation","not come without notice" and similar kind of manner will be a reason to refuse your reservation.
✽Tentative reservation is not allowed.Please understand that kind of manner will be inconvenience to other customers.