Inruiry / Reservation

✽Reservation is Required
✽Ladies Only
For online reservation,your schedule will be settled when you receive "confirmation email" from Salon.

If you do not get any response from salon in two days,please call.

✽From here to inquire about Additive-free Coconut Soap as well.

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Handling of Personal Information in Inquiry & Reservation by Email
La Belle Image use your information which you enter on form for reply, answer and respond to you ONLY.


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Ginza Salon
#706 Central Higashiginza bldg.,
2-15-15 Tsukiji,
»Access to Ginza Salon
Kawaguchi Salon
3-7-16 Suehiro,Kawaguchi,
»Access to Kawaguchi Salon
Business Hours
From 10:00am (Accept the reservation later in the evening. Please inquire.)
Closing Day
Weekends,holidays and public holidays are open.