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Keratin Lash Lift

New York Style Lush Lift

Lift the lashes using Keratin Solution, which is the main ingredient of the lashes.Unlike normal eyelash curls, Keratin is absorbed by the eyelashes and has a treatment effect that gives it bounce,resilience and shiny.
keratin lash lift

Keratin solution of this salon is individually packaged, always delivering fresh Keratin to the eyelashes. Besides Keratin, it contains many good ingredients for lashes.

Keratin Protein that occupies 80% of hair.It nourishes to make your eyelashese bounce and resilience.

Collagen extract A type of protein containing a large amount of amino acids. Moisturizer.

Elastin A type of protein that supports collagen fibers.

Silk protein Protein contained in silk. It has excellent moisturizer and protects the cuticle.

Amino asid Protein component. Lack of amino acids results in insufficient keratinogenesis and weak eyelashes.

Vitamin B,VitaminB6,Folic asid,Biotin It is a type of vitamin B group that is necessary for maintaining hair health. Makes healthy skin and hair and promotes growth.

Coconut Oil Rich in vitamins and minerals. Nourishes and moisturizes eyelashes.

Finish with Keratin essence after lift and apply eyelash tint.Although there are individual differences,the duration of the effect is approximately eight weeks.Keratin lush lift repair the eyelashes from the inside every time.

Eyelash tint (Pure Black Color) made each eyelash looks dark, so it is especially recommended for thin eyelashes and who have gray eyelash hair.

Keratin Lash Lift and Mascara Before After


Fill in the medical record to confirm your physical condition.If you have any questions or worry, please do not hesitate to ask.
Clean around upper eyelids with makeup remover.
Stick Upper eyelashes to the rods and apply Keratin solutions.
Wipe off Keratin solutions well and apply tint (Pure Black Color) on Upper eyelashes.
After wiping off excess tint, apply Keratin essence onto eyelashes.


1st time ¥5,000
The second and subsequent session ¥7,000 / each time

Time:Approximately 40min.

✽This treatment on Upper eyelashes only
English speaking staff available.
Reservation is Required
✽Need to remove eyelash extensions and false eyelashes
✽Sorry,when you have allergy or rough skin symptoms of hay feveraround the eyelids or eyes,please wait until it will recover.
✽Recently various things can be allergen and reaction can happen to anybody with anything.I consider the safety of materials that use for your skin but there is a possibility of allergenic reaction/contact dermatitis.Also physical condition can be change so incase you may have reaction next time even nothing happen last time with same menu and materials.Patch test is always recomended every time 48 hrs before your actual apprication.Please inquir.
✽Every salon have own time required.Please confirm the time needed,if you done this before another place.

Physical Condition

NOT accept the treatment of the following
✽Pregnant and breast feeding
✽Eye or eyelid diseases or inflammation
Allergic with rubber (Salon use rubber rods for good result.)
Allergic with Hair dye (Cross-reactivity will occur in a moderate number of patients who have become sensitised to other products and ingredients)
✽Atopic allergy, easily inflammation and prone, allergic constitution
✽Extreme anxiety, nervousness, perfectionism, prone to anxiety
✽Mental illness including depression and insomnia
✽Excessive expectation for treatment
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After Care

✽Do not wet the lashes for 24 hours.
✽Do not apply mascara over it for 24 hours.
✽If you feel discomfort with your eyes or eyelids, please consult an ophthalmologist or dermatologist immediately.
» Terms of Service