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Cupping Therapy

Cupping is the therapy what adsorbs cup-shape containers to skin using suction pump.The capillaries are constricted by suction temporarily and blood flow will be promoted in vasodilation when cups are removed.Possible to choose the pressure from relax level to good pain by hand pump. You don't need to worry about burn becouse La Belle Image use hand pump not fire and glass cups like classic style.Never had done before? No problem.

cupping therapy imagecupping suction image

Cupping therapy is loved by Hollywood stars,Olympic athletes,Pro wrestlers and Sumo wrestlers who pay more attention to their beauty and health.


Cupping is only therapy to stimulate inside of body to outside from surface of skin.La Belle Image offer DRY CUPPING only.
Promote blood circulation and cleaning
Blood flow faster and increase in volume with expanded blood vessel by cupping.Moderate stiffness,pain,feeling languid,cold constitution and swelling.You get warm after cupping cause of blood flow better.Promote flow of lymph helps enhanced immunity.

Promote blood circulation image

Blood circulate all over body.Waste matter quickly carried with improved blood flow by cupping to langs and kidneys and discharged.Blood Colesterol will be washed out too.Sometime clear reactions apper such as cups become cloudy by unnecessary water of body like this photo and give off a bad smell when cups are removed.

Cupping detox image

Promote function of organs
Cupping is good for conatipation, common problem of female.Cupping on abdomen stimulate organs and adjust those work from inside.It regulates the functions of the digestive organs like stomach and intestines.And it improve secrete of digestion liquid.This is effective for symptom of gynecology.
Relief of stress
Cupping on spine stimulate autonomic nerve and restore balance of sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nerve system.Ease symptoms cause of stress such as sleeplessness, listlessness, fatigue, heavy head, irritate and other general malaise.Reduce pain cause of oversensitive and help you to be relax.
Strong massage effect reach to deep inside of body and relieve stiffness in the muscles.And wash out lactic acid and body wastes causing muscle pain.Recomend for remove chronic symptom such as feel listless, fatigue, shoulder stiffness and lower-back pain.Improve lubricating liquid secretion around joints and support movement of it smooothly.

shoulder and back pain image

Beauty effect (reduction and prevention of cellulite, enhance the basal metabolism, fat burning and beautifying skin)
Help to wash out ceculite around thighs and bottom by improving flow of blood.One of attractive point of cupping is helping fat burn. Nutrients and fresh oxygen spread all over the body and help metabolism of skin tissue.That makes skin more supple and radiant.

cellulite and fat image

Stimulate widespread pressure points
Use plural number of cups place at sametime and displace little by little repeatedly to cover wider area and stimulate many pressuer points.
Barometer of health
Comprehend physical condition by marks made of suction.Darker bruise appear if dirty blood stagnate.Taking the therapy repeatedly proceed detox by improving blood and lymph flow,bruise will be lighter and symptoms will be diminished.

» How long dose cupping mark takes to fade?

Price & Time

Time inclu. fill in a record ,counseling and change your clothes.
✽There is operating suit.
✽Ask and observe customers feeling,remove cups and adsorb them on little shifted area repeartedly to cover all over the treatment area.
✽Wait about one hour after eat or strenuous exercise.No cupping after drink alcohol.
» Terms of Service

Upper Body Care

Cupping on Neck,Shoulders and back (back side of body only).
cupping-upper-bodymarks of upper-body's cupping
Adsorb cups to your skin in a prone position.Basic session (both sides of spine) to fix autonomic nerves,neck,shoulders and all over your back.Care intensively if you let me know the place specially you are suffering.

The SitesPrice (
Neck,Shoulders,Back,Lower back¥5,00060min.

Lower Body Care

Cupping on Thighs below bottom to ankle (back side of body only).
cupping-lower-bodymarks of lower-body's cupping
Adsorb cups to your skin in a prone position.Refreshing by provent blood and lymph flow.Recommend to person who have trouble with swelling and coldness.If you'd prefer,buttocks can be inclued without additional payment.

The SitesPrice (

Constitution Care

Apply cups under face up and face down.
cupping on front-upper-bodycupping-upper-body
Good for bad physical condition cause to stress (such as chronic fatigue,insomnia and changes in appetite),cold constitution,stiff shoulders and lower back pain cause to change in physical condition and allergies like hay fever and atopic dermatitis.
Give cupping therapy on wider area.There is no direct relation between strength of suction and response speed of symptom's improvement.You will feel that your condition is adjusted with repeated good enough stimulation.If you'd prefer,buttocks can be inclued without additional payment.

The SitesPrice (
Chest (above breast),Belly,Back,Lower back¥7,00080min.

Whole Body Care

At first,lie on your stomach for all site of back of your body and lie on your back for chest and belly.Good for refresh your body from conditions of accumulated fatigue, stiffness, cold constitution and be under the weather.If you'd prefer,buttocks can be inclued without additional payment.

The SitesPrice (
Neck,Shoulders,Back,Lower back,Chest (above breast),Belly,Thighs below bottom to ankle (back side of body only)¥15,000120min.

Cellulite Care

Suction intensively on back side of thighs and bottom easy to get cellulite.
cupping on thighcupping on bottom
Accumulated adipose cell (fat cell) impede blood flow and metabolism of weastes are stagnate.Cluster of big adipose cells become cellulite and unevenness made by fat mass.
Cupping stimulate cellulite and fat cells around it to improve blood flow and metabolism of fat,weasts and water.Tissue cells of cellulite has come loose and discharged.Also it prevent to form new cellulite.

The SitesPrice (
Thighs,Side of bottoms¥4,00040min.

Fat Burning Care

Cupping on the section easy to put fat like upper arms,belly,back side of thighs and bottocks.
cupping on upper armcupping on belly
cupping on thighcupping on side of bottom
It makes elevate of body temperature provided by blood flow smoother and help fat burn.Stimulate of cupping on belly suport organs work well.

The SitesPrice (
Upper arms,Belly,Thighs,Bottom¥6,00070min.

Intensive Care (Kawaguchi Salon Only)

Made-to-order session.
cupping on the side of spinecupping on spine and shoulder
Basic session (both sides of spine) to fix autonomic nerves and one part (shoulders,neck,lower back,knees and others)that you choose the area you feel pain or another symptoms.

The SitesPrice (
Both side of Spine+One Part by your request¥2,00030min.

You will be able to add any perts as you wish.

Additional SitePrice (
One Part¥30010min

Back Care (Kawaguchi Salon Only)

Most popuret couse of cupping good for shoulder and back pain.
cupping on spinecupping on back
Basic session (both sides of spine) to fix autonomic nerves and all over back.
The SitesPrice (
Both side of Spine+Back¥3,00040min.

You will be able to add any perts as you wish.

Additional SitePrice (
One Part¥30010min


Fill in a record
Please fill in a record for comprehend daily physical condition and symptoms.
Consult avout your symptoms and requests.I will explane about cupping therapy and thats reactions.You can ask me any things what you want to know about cupping.
Change clothe to operating suit.Prepared two-piece suit help minimize skin expose and easy to change.
Therapist is female.Therapist will wait you change out side of room so call when you are ready.
Confirm the cupping area and symptoms base on your record and counseling.
Adjust the pressure fit you and adsorb cups to your skin.Wait around 5 to 10 min.Remove cups and adsorb them on little shifted area.Repeat this procedure to cover all over the treatment area.
Mild and moderate suction will give you best effect. Too strong and too long suction do not make you relax and is not effective.

Physical condition required

Sorry,you can not take cupping therapy if you have following.
✽Acute diseases (diseases need to have surgery)
✽Abnormality with heart,blood vessels and diseases like valvular desease.
✽Strong anemia
✽Extremely weak
✽Infectious diseases

Bruising after treatment

Round red bruising just like hickey appeared after the session.The degree of color depth are different by parts even use same level of presser.Darker color turn up at the spot that hold largest amount of stagnated blood and wastes.

mark after cupping

There are indivual diffrent but it takes around three days to one week to fade for first time.Legs (thighs and calfs),bottom and upper arms are not to be bruise easily.You will be able to feel your conditions become better and less bruise by removing toxin gradually after repeated take of sessions.

No bruise appear even suction stronger if your pain or discomfort on your body is not cause of dirty blood and old blood.But still cupping helps to improvement of your condition without marks.

Marks can be noticeable with clothes.You can enjoy fashion and cover bruise with adapted clothes with the parts.
✽Neck and shouler:Turtleneck,shirt with collar,stole
✽Upper arms:three-quarter or long sleeves
✽Thighs and calfs:Long skirt or pants,thick or coloured tights
✽Back and lower back:camisole / tank-top under white shirt or filing on something,coloured tops in the season with lightly dressed

Of cause makeup foundation and concealer can cover them.Neck area can be covered with your hair down if you have long hair.

Schedule to go to sea,swimming pool and travel or select menu with consideration of bruise if you worry about.

Body reaction after cupping treatment

Most of case,customers feel ease,warm and other pleasant feeling like less pain and improvement of symptoms.But some of them feel little discomfort which called "Cleansing Reaction".Don't worry,this is the sign to become better and settle down within few days.

*Major reactions and reason*
✽Languor:Blood flow to heart is increase. / The waste and toxins will be eliminated from the body become brisk by energized variety of originates because of adjustment of nerves,incretion and hormone.
✽Stagger:Similar symptoms of anemia temporarily appear by dilation of blood vessels because of sucction.
✽Become hungry,Get sleepy:Because parasympathetic nerve system that make you relax become advantageous than activation of sympathetic nerves by cupping.

✽Incase blisters formed on your skin.Do not pop them.They can become infected.