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No Needle Mesotherapy

Painlessly delivering beauty ingredients to the dermis

No needle mesotherapy, also called electroporation, uses a special electric pulse to temporarily open a minute gap between cells and allow cosmetic ingredients to penetrate into the dermis.NO needles, No pain, No downtime required.


Electroporation theory has been studied at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The research results have been utilized in fields such as genetic engineering and anticancer drug administration.

No needle mesotherapyNo needle mesotherapy

Based on this theory, our salon's no-needle mesotherapy facial opens fine gaps between cells in the skin, and high-speed air crystal chips deliver cosmetic ingredients to the dermis layer.

No needle mesotherapy machine tip, nano crystal chip
Ultra-high-speed air passes through the particle generator and instantly decomposes beauty ingredients into millions of fine particles.And instantly, the beauty ingredients are sent deeper into the gaps between the cells of the skin.

Skin Rejuvenating Method

No needle mesotherapy with RF and RMSNo needle mesotherapy with RF and RMSNo needle mesotherapy with RF and RMS

Irradiation with radio waves promotes collagen regeneration, increases skin elasticity, and improves skin tightening and wrinkles. RMS stimulation causes muscle contraction/relaxation. This muscle pumping action promotes blood circulation and flushes away fatigue substances. In addition, the nano crystal tip gently taps the skin, not only promoting blood circulation but also relieving stiffness.


✽Lift Up
✽Tightening Pores
✽Brightening, Reduce pigmentation
✽Improvement of dullness
✽Improvement of skin firmness and wrinkles


No needle mesotherapy Lift Up
No needle mesotherapy Tightening Pores
No needle mesotherapy Brightening
No needle mesotherapy Acne

Price(Whole face)

Ingredient Price(Includ.Tax)
4 types of
Hyaluronic Acid
Blending reinforced hyaluronic acid
with conventional hyaluronic acid, which has a strong moisturizing power
that can hold 6L of water per 1g
¥10,000 / 50min.
Epidermal growth factor (EGF) Ingredients verified to significantly increase skin new cells by the action of EGF in American clinical trials
¥10,000 / 50min.
Vitamin CSpecializing in skin brightening containing Vitamin C, Arbutin and licorice root extract that inhibits melanin synthesis
¥10,000 / 50min.

English speaking staff available.
✽Reservation Required
1,000¥ OFF for non-makeup visitors
✽Some people may feel a bit of stimulation from the RMS during the procedure. The RMS can be adjusted, so please let us know if you feel uncomfortable.
✽The ingredients do not contain any preservatives, colors or fragrances.
✽EGF is certified by the Japan EGF Association and contains a high concentration of EGF. It also contains water-soluble collagen (derived from pigs)) and hyaluronic acid. For those who are contraindicated for pigs for religious reasons, salon will provide collagen-free products.
✽Recently various things can be allergen and reaction can happen to anybody with anything.I consider the safety of materials that use for your skin but there is a possibility of allergenic reaction/contact dermatitis.Also physical condition can be change so incase you may have reaction next time even nothing happen last time with same menu and materials.Patch test is always recomended every time 48 hrs before your actual apprication.Please inquir.

Physical Condition

NOT accept the treatment of the following
✽Pregnant and breast feeding
✽Metal Allergy
✽Cardiac Pacemaker user
✽Dental Implants user
✽Suspected skin cancer
✽Atopic allergy, easily inflammation and prone, allergic constitution
✽Allergic with Hair dye (Cross-reactivity will occur in a moderate number of patients who have become sensitised to other products and ingredients)
✽Extreme anxiety, nervousness, perfectionism, prone to anxiety
✽Mental illness including depression and insomnia
✽Excessive expectation for treatment
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