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    Counseling Area

    The Kawaguchi salon is a home type single room exclusively for salon work only. It comply all the requirements same as Ginza salon like hygiene management by the same artist.

    The space for fill in the record sheets ,answer your questions and discouse about design and color.The atmosphere is just like you are at home, considering that the space wide enough for relaxing.You can stretch your foot on cushions.

    Kawaguchi's Counseling area
  • Application Area

    The space for drafting of design and application.There are big mirror for confirm your total image and hand mirror for check small details

    Kawaguchi's bed area


The Shop


✽Reservation is Required✽
✽Ladies only✽
Just asking is fine. Please feel free to contact me.
La Belle Image warmly welcome tourists.Weekends,Japanese national holiday and consecutive holidays will be crowded so please book early.

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    #706 Central Higashiginza bldg.,2-15-15 Tsukiji,Chuo-ku,Tokyo

    »Access to Ginza Salon

    3-7-16 Suehiro,Kawaguchi,Saitama

    »Access to Kawaguchi Salon

    Bussness Hours
    From 10:00am

    Accept the reservation later in the evening. Please inquire.

    Closing Day

    Weekends,holidays and public holidays are open.