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Lip Coloring

New technique of lip coloring from Paris

Not tinting,not Permanent Makeup.Tools are NON-INVASIVE unlike needles. Reinforced natural lip color.It will fade over time.
Before Lip ColoringAfter Lip Coloring
Before Lip Coloring2After Lip Coloring2

Peculiarity of Lip Coloring at La Belle Image

Use a machine developed by a doctor
Machine use for Lip Coloring and cartridges developed by French dermatologist so less damage on your skin.
Minimum Pain
The cartridge is NOT NEEDLES and surfs on the skin and NON-INVASIVE.
✽The tip of the cartridge is a thick metal and it hard.In the treatment,the cartridge surf repeatedly on the lip skin.So it's not completely painless and not feeling anything.
cartridge is not needle cartridge never prick
cartridge is not needle cartridge never prick

✽There are individual differences in how you feel pain. Rubbing the skin with a metal cartridge may cause a slight pain. (Never push the cartridge hard like the image and movie above. Images and videos are made to show that cartridge is not needle and it is non-invasive. )
Organic Pigments
Pingments are organic developed by French dermatologist.9 different colors and shin pigment are available for various skin tones.


Fill in the medical record to confirm your physical condition.Please do not hesitate to ask me anything you do not understand.
Wipe off dirt and bacteria from lips and surrounding.
Apply an organic moisturizer developed by a dermatologist on lips.
Applying pigments on lips
Slide the pigmented cartridge over the skin of the lips and put the color.
Wipe off the pigment around lips and moisturize them.I will give you after care cream.

Price & Time

¥30,000 / Each Time / Min.3 Hours

English speaking staff available.
Reservation is Required
✽If you are worried about allergy, you can receive a patch test of pigment beforehand separately from the treatment day. The patch test fee is ¥3,500.
Color fixation may not be sufficient in one session.
✽It finish slight coloring just like additional of blood color and adjustment color irregularity.
Please keep about 1 month between session and session.
✽Immediately after,color look strong and it takes 3 to 4 days to be natural. Please use a mask if you want to cover.
✽The cartridge is not a needle, but hard metal stick.The lip skin is very thin and soft so in case it may be swollen.There are individual differences in the degree of swelling.On the day, it is possible to minimize swelling as much as possible by chilling well after coming home. If swelling occurs, it may last for 2 or 3 days.

Physical condition

NOT accept the treatment of the following
✽Pregnant or breast feeding
✽Keloid constitution
✽Atopic allergy,easy to inflammation and allergies,Allergy constitution
✽Extreme anxiety,ervousness,perfectionism
✽Mental illness including depression and insomnia
✽Skin of lips are dry or peel off
✽Inflammation or infection on lips
✽Dark color lips.Lip Whitening is available.
✽Over expectation about treatment
» Aftercare
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✽Keep clean and do not touch directly
✽Apply after-cream every day for about 1 week
✽No sauna and public baths
✽No swimming pool,sea and beach
✽No sunburn
✽No makeup on and around lips
✽Avoid smoking and coffee
✽Consult your doctor if it is nflammation
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Progress photos

Before Lip ColoringJust After Lip Coloring
Lip Coloring 3days laterLip Coloring4days later
Lip Coloring 5days laterLip Coloring 8days later
Lip Coloring 12days laterLip Coloring 14days later
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