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Reducing Spots

Especially effective for dark spots and moles

Are not you suffering from stains / hypopigmentation / freckles due to sunburn, ageing , or noticeable moles? From Austria,reduce spots method almost no pain.It is NOT laser NOT peeling of skin.Depending on the constitution, you can feel that spots has become brighter after two to four weeks of turnover.
Reduce spot and stain on hand
(It is an image showing the effect of 1 time treatment)


(It is an image showing the effect of 1 time treatment)
Spot on hand before Spot on hand after
Spot on arm befor Spot on arm after
Spot on leg before Spot on leg after


Size Price (Tax incld.)
Less 5mm X 5mm¥4,000 / 1 Piece 1 Time
Less 10mm X 10mm¥8,000 / 1 Piece 1 Time
Less 15mm X 15mm¥12,000 / 1 Piece 1 Time
Less 20mm X 20mm¥16,000 / 1 Piece 1 Time
Hand (Good for many or big spots on hand)¥30,000 / 1 Hand 1 Time

English speaking staff available.
✽Reservation Required
✽Some people feel a little irritation during the treatment, but it will end soon
✽It looks like it became darker right after but it will brighter with turns over of your skin.
✽The number of times required depends on the darkness and size.Please take treatments at your own pace.
✽Result is not permanent.Spots and stain can be back with sun,age or any other reason.
✽Pigmentation may occur depending on the person. It disappears in about 6 months.

Physical Condition

NOT accept the treatment of the following
✽Pregnant and breast feeding
✽Keloid Constitution
✽Liver spots, raised spots and moles, parts where hair grows
✽Suspected skin cancer
✽Atopic allergy, easily inflammation and prone, allergic constitution
✽Extreme anxiety, nervousness, perfectionism, prone to anxiety
✽Mental illness including depression and insomnia
✽Excessive expectation for treatment
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